Student Government

Life Academy's Student Government is comprised of students that uphold a level of maturity and sophistication that sets the tone and culture of our community by being role models for the student body. Student Government members must remain in good academic and behavioral standing in order to remain a part of student government. In addition to setting a positive example for the school, student government members participate in a number of activities that help to progress the school, including volunteer work at school performances, conferencing with school faculty and administration about new initiatives, and planning of student activities.

Members of Student Government for the 2017-2018 school year:

Student Government Executives

President - Artemio Kowalski

Vice President - Michele Ho (Graduated)

9th Grade Representatives

President -

Vise President - Zahrah McIntosh-Kipp

10th Grade Representatives

President - Ravyne Browne

Vice President - Kaitlyn Walker

11th Grade Representatives

President - Syed Qasim Bokhari

Vice President - Rajae Powis

12th Grade Representatives

President - Shanique Reynolds

Vice President - Jeanice Hewitt