Music Program

Overview and Description

The Music Program at Life Academy High School prepares students for postsecondary studies and careers in sound engineering, computer music, audio-visual production, post-production, mastering, scoring for film and multimedia, song composition and arrangement, audio for games, and multimedia production. Students engage in project-based learning that combines music and cutting edge technical skills with support from highly qualified teachers, professional artists, technicians and engineers. Students apply their learning through the production of a year-end culminating project, engaging in songwriting, operating recording audio sessions for students in a variety of softwares (Garageband, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools Express, Reason), storyboarding, filming and editing music videos, and other multimedia applications. Students will have access to an internship program where they are paired with a work site, such as a recording studio, media web-related company, music-scoring house, record label, distribution company, or other music industry enterprise to gain experience performing field-related duties.

Coursework and work-based learning experiences focus on developing students' imagination and creativity, initiative and implementation of original ideas, as well as technical and professional skills. Topics of study include music production, theory, history, composition methods, acoustics, recording technology, mixing, mastering, computer composition, electronic music synthesis, technology-based performance, and effective team work. Students compose, synthesize, and perform music; score for film, games, and other multimedia, and are able to explain the creative and technical decisions involved in their projects. Furthermore, students gain experience in setting up and running all technical aspects of a live performance. Music students collaborate with students in the film program to work on the creation of large-scale productions. To view examples of our students' work, visit Student Work.

Course Offerings

Introduction to Music Production & Composition

Advanced Music Production

Recording Studio Production Techniques

Music Video Production

Songwriting and Performing

Digital Media Projects [Capstone Music Course]


Recording Facilities and Equipment List

Facility Description: Classroom, 30’ x 20’, Soundproofing in vocal recording area


Computers: 2013 iMac, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB Ram, Macbook Pro Laptops

Microphones: AKG Perception 220 Professional Studio Microphone, Samson R21 Dynamic Microphone

Preamps: Steinberg UR22 Audio/MIDI Interface, Avid Fast Track Duo USB Interface

Other: Samson Headphone Amp, Carbon 49 Midi Controller, Casio CTK-2400 keyboards/MIDI controllers


Programs: Logic Pro X, Garageband, Reason 5.0, ProTools Express, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Photoshop, After Effects