College Now

Life Academy has partnerships with Brooklyn College, Touro College, New Jersey City University, and Kingsborough Community College, enabling students to take college level classes while in high school.

In grades 10-12, students can take Pre-College Classes. Each class is conducted on campus, and is worth one elective credit.

In grades 11-12, students can take College Level Classes. The classes are 3-credit course offerings.

College Now Requirements

  • Seniors with at least an 80% cumulative average and juniors with at least an 85% average must meet the following additional requirements:
  • For math courses, one of the following:
      • Algebra, Geometry, or Trig Regents: 80
      • Math section of the SAT: 520
      • Math section of the PSAT: 50
  • For all other courses, one of the following:
      • English Language Arts (ELA) Regents: 75
      • Verbal section of the SAT: 480
      • Verbal section of the PSAT: 48