CCLS Folder

The Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) Folders are a school-wide system that tracks student progress in targeted CCLS skills in literacy and math. This tracking offers opportunities for all students to gain mastery through revisions and/or accommodating individual needs. Students self-assess their CCLS skills and conference with their teachers in order to discuss next steps.

Seven Literacy Skills in the Folder:

  • establishing a precise and convincing position
  • providing thorough explanations of the most important claims
  • thoroughly analyzing both explicit and inferred ideas from texts
  • developing counterclaims fairly and thoroughly
  • representing content from reading materials accurately and fully
  • ordering ideas in logical and clarifying ways
  • using precise language and maintaining a command of conventions

Five Math Skills in the Folder:

  • constructing viable arguments/critiquing the reasoning of others
  • modeling with mathematics
  • making sense of problems/persevere in solving them
  • attending to precision
  • looking for and express regularity in repeated reasoning