The SNAP (Students Needing Academic Plans) Team at Life Academy is a group of teachers that meet regularly to identify ways to guide and support students who are not meeting academic standards and are at risk of failing a class.  There is a 9th & 10th grade team and an 11th & 12th grade team.  Teachers identify and refer students in need of additional support, and the SNAP team works with the school community and parents/guardians to create individualized support plans for each student.  Pupilpath is used to communicate and document progress and outreach.  

Teachers can refer a student to the SNAP team by clicking here: SNAP Referral

Members of the SNAP Team include:

9th Grade                                    10th Grade                        11th Grade                        12th Grade
Ms. Sarrantonio*                        Ms. Dilley                           Mr. Raskin                         Ms. Callendar
Ms. Diaz                                        Ms. Golden                                                                   Ms. Rodriguez
Ms. Lopinto
Ms. Ram
Ms. Rodriguez

*SNAP Coordinator