Mentor Program

Our mentor program groups students with one of their ninth grade teachers during their freshmen year. These students and mentor work together on a biweekly basis to assist in acclimating to the high school experience as well as create strong bonds and a safe space where students feel comfortable voicing their struggles and successes. 

The mentor program requires that students do thorough research into careers and colleges they are interested in. They work to create a plan of action that will provide them the proper steps needed to take from ninth grade to achieve their goal. If students are not sure of a career path, or have multiple ideas, the mentor will work with the student to create multiple pathways they could take. 

Students are encouraged to continue to come to their mentor for support throughout their time at LIFE. 

The 9th Grade Team/Mentors:
Ms. Diaz
Ms. Lopinto
Ms. Ram
Ms. Rodriguez
Ms. Sarrantonio