Campus Sports

There are several different sports teams on which students may participate at Life Academy.  Sports are a collective of students from all 5 schools within the campus.  Some of the sports offered at Lafayette Educational Complex include:

 Fall Sports Winter SportsSpring Sports 
 JV/Varsity Football JV/Varsity Boys Basketball   Coed Varsity
 Girls BowlingGirls Basketball  Varsity Softball
 Boys Bowling Girls Table Tennis  Varsity Baseball
 Girls Soccer Boys Table Tennis  Varsity Girls Flag Football
 Boys Soccer Wrestling Boys Varsity  Outdoor Track
 Girls Cross Country  Indoor Track (Girls and Boys)  Handball Boys Varsity
 Boys Cross Country  Volleyball Boys Varsity
 Girls Varsity Volleyball  Tennis Boys Varsity
*Students are only able to participate in one sport per season (fall, winter, and spring).

In order to participate in a team sport, students must demonstrate good academic standing.  Students are not allowed to fail classes and must have gym and/or health as one of their class each semester.

Students must obtain a medical form and have it filled out and stamped by their doctor.  The medical form is only good for one year.  Additionally, students need a parent consent form, which must be done for each sport in which they participate.  

Visit the PSAL website for the sports schedules and more information: